Episode 005: Top 5 Mind Hacks to Overcome Stage Anxiety

In episode 5 of the Let Your Nerd Be Heard Show, we discuss why and where the anxiety before and during a presentation might be coming from and give our Top 5 Mind Hacks and Tips to overcome the anxiety.

Audience Question: What are some fears that you deal with when you are getting ready for a presentation? Comment below and let us know.

Top 5 Hacks:

  1. Enjoy and have fun
  2. Have a routine before taking the stage
  3. Super prepare how your are going to take the stage and your first minute
  4. If you lose your thought and blank where you were going it is ok to pause, recollect your thoughts and even ask the audience what you were talking about
  5. When dealing with Q&A, you don't always have to have one, it is ok to say you don't know for an answer.

Thank you for joining us for this episode. If you want to connect with us, just head over to nerdherdunited.com and join our free community.

We will see you next time on the Let Your Nerd Be Heard Show.

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