Episode 006: Top 3 Ways To Find Topics For Your Stage & Video

In episode 6 we discuss the Top 3 Ways to Find Topics for Your Stage and Video Presentations.

Audience Question: What are some of the ways that you find your topics to talk about?

Getting Started: Before you can create your talk for stage or video you need to figure out the topic that you will talk about. To get started ask yourself the following questions:

  • What do you want to know known for?
  • What are you passionate about it?
  • What does your audience wants to learn or be able to do?
  • What results does your audience want?
  • What do you have that your audience wants to have?

Knowledge Niching: Step 1 is to look at your current knowledge or what others are saying about you.

  1. What knowledge do you already have?
  2. What results are you passionate about helping your audience get?
  3. What knowledge do others say that you have?

Audience Niching: Step 2 is to figure out what is the primary audience that you want to talk with

  1. In 2-3 words who
    is your audience and 2-3 words what do you want to talk about
  2. Pick your main
    audience as your niche and be known to the majority
  3. If you try to
    talk to everyone you end up talking to no one

3 Ways to Find Your Topic & Content: Step 3 is to figure out the topic that resonates with your audience

  1. Ask your audience what their needs, challenges, and desired results are.
    • Remember, you are not your audience.  Just because you needed it does not mean that the people you want to work with need the same exact thing. Better to ask them. You may even get additional services that your audience needs that you hadn't even thought of.
    • Also, don’t assume that your audience knows everything that you know. If it seems easy for you it does not mean it is for them.
  2. Type into Google "Top questions about "
    • In Google after doing a search there is a "People also ask" section that show up after the first few links
  3. What are the top questions you get asked?

Thank You: Thank you for joining us for this episode. If you want to connect with us, just head over to nerdherdunited.com and join our free community.

We will see you next time on the Let Your Nerd Be Heard Show.

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