Episode 007: Storytelling For Nerd Entrepreneurs

We discuss our storytelling formula to talk about your products and services so that clients want to buy and investors want to invest.

Before you get started with your story you need to answer these two questions:

  1. How Do You Want Your Audience To Feel After You Are Done?
    • 3-5 words that describe how you want your audience to feel
    • examples: excited, invigorated, happy, ready to purchase
  2. What Action Do You Want Your Audience To Take?
    • Examples: purchase your product/service, opt-in for a free download, subscribe to a newsletter, follow you on social media

Once you have answered these two questions, you are ready to start building out your story with our 5 step story arc.

  1. Common Character - describe the traits of your ideal client
  2. Challenge - problem that your ideal client wanting solved
  3. Crash and Burn - solutions tried and failed
  4. Change - what you would implement to solve their challenge
  5. Thrive - dream result your ideal client wants from the change

Download the FREE Let Your Nerd Be Heard Storytelling Guide here: https://letyournerdbeheard.com/gifts/storytelling-formula/

Thank you for joining us for this episode. If you want to connect with us, just head over to nerdherdunited.com and join our FREE community.

We'll see you next time on the Let Your Nerd Be Heard Show!

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