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Nerds Speaking to More Than 1s and 0s

We Proudly Present

Justin James


I am a nerd just like you that struggled to figure out how to effectively communicate to more than 1s and 0.  Public speaking has transformed my career to heights I never imagined.

I will work with you to transform you into a presenter that is engaging and confident and seen as the "Go To Expert." even if you are scared of public speaking.

SIMPLY PUT: You will be able to speak in front of any audience when you are done working with me!



Ultimate Presentation

1 on 1 Coaching

Communication, Branding,
Talk Preparaton, Leadership

Hundreds of Nerds Inspired!

With the right information and tools anyone can be a  confident speaking in front of their peers even with no experience at all.

Take your career to the next level

Support Group

Safe place to ask questions, get feedback and have the support you need to rock it

Weekly Lessons

Online lessons to guide you to be an confident and engaging speaker

Helping You Talk to More Than 1s and 0s

Justin gave me the exact right mix of practical advice on how to deliver and prepare for my keynote, along with confidence building support.  I walked into my keynote ready, confident, and gave a great speech.

Rachel - Writing, Blogger, Speaker

We’ll Have You Excited In No Time At All to Present